• Hot drinks (Harney and Son tea, Delahaut coffee, hot chocolate)
  • Pressed orange juice
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Assortment of fresh breads from Dumont or l'Epicurienne
  • Selection of pastries from Dumont or l'Epicurienne
  • Local specialty
  • Floreffe butter
  • Assortment of jams
  • Cork syrup, spread
  • Delicatessen from Marco Magazzino
  • Mature cheeses from Maitre Corbeau

* Breakfast is served in your room
* Breakfast on weekdays is delivered between 8am and 9am and on weekends according to your convenience between 8.45am and 10.45am.


Minimum reservation 72 hours in advance

  • Seafood platter (not available on Mondays): Le Na Makulua: 125€ 1/2 Canadian lobster of 500g | 1 Breton pot cake | 8 hollow oysters | 4 Breton langoustines | Climbed periwinkles | Whelks trap | Gray clams | Sea almonds | Unpeeled gray shrimps | Octopus | Anchovies | 2 sauces | Lemon | salad | bread | butter * supplement of 19 € for a whole lobster instead of the half to be specified when booking - possibility of replacing on request
  • Cheese platter "cheese from Maitre Corbeau (Bouge)": 65€ / 2 pers. Assortment of quality cold meats and cheeses with artisanal baguette Aubel syrup and honey
  • Thai menu: 85€ / 2pers. in 3 services As a starter: 2 x Tom Kha Kai Poultry consume with coconut milk As a main course: 1 x Kang Kali Kai Chicken in yellow curry with potatoes + 1 x Kang Ped Phed Yang Peking duck in red curry with Thai eggplant, tomatoes, pineapple and basil and as an accompaniment to rice For dessert: Plate of fresh fruits / Vanilla / Chocolate Thai menu also available vegetarian
  • Italian menu by Marco Magazzino: 85€ / 2pers As a starter: Plate of cold meats and Italian cheese As a main course: Ravioli Stuffed with porcini mushrooms with truffle sauce and Ricotta roulade Salmon and Artichoke For dessert: Chocolate / Vanilla / fresh fruit Italian menu also available in vegetarian
  • Sushi platter: 65€ / 2pers. Assortment of 46 sushi / california / spring with edamame and coleslaw
  • Half cheese wheel: 89€ / 2pers. composed of + or - 1.7kg of Swiss cheese from Jura (October to May) Savoy (May to October) from Maitre Corbeau, assortment of fine meats, potatoes, salad. Please note that this dish is only eaten outside on your heated and covered terrace !!!
  • Yakiniku: 110€ / 2pers. Japanese grill (barbecue) with charcoal, 3 x 150gr of exceptional matured meat (Salers, Holstein, Galicia) (little change depending on availability) from the Roland & fils butcher's shop, homemade potato gratin, 3 sauces, raw vegetables , salad, bread. Please note that this dish is only eaten outside on your heated and covered terrace !!!
  • Aperitif platter: 40€
  • Selection of 10 macaroons: 30€
  • Selection of fine Neuhaus chocolates: 50€


* It is not allowed to cook or bring food in the suite

Wine cellar

A selection of wines from Olivier Vin in Erpent

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A selection of Gins from the Belgian house Filliers

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